1 hr 29 min

2021 Cannes Film Festival. A Haitian drama centering on a young woman and her family who begin questioning whether to stay or leave amid increasing levels of violence.

In a working class district of Port-au-Prince, Freda and her family survive thanks to their little grocery store. Confronting the precarity and increasing levels of violence in Haiti, each begins to wonder whether to stay or leave. But Freda still wants to believe her country has a future.

Directed by: Gessica Généus (France/Haiti, 2020)
Cast: Néhémie Bastien (Freda), Djanaïna François (Esther), Fabiola Rémy (Jeannette), Gaëlle Bien-Aimé (Géraldine), Jean Jean (Yeshua), Rolaphton Mercure (D-Fi), Cantave Kerven (Moïse), Paula Clermont Pean (Marlène)
Genre: drama

2021 Cannes Film Festival Un Certain Regard Award Nominee & François Chalais Award- Special Mention Winner