2 hr 3 min
Not recommended for under 10 years.

César Awards 2022, Cannes 2021

Celebrity journalist of a twenty-four hour news channel, France sees her world turned upside down when she injures a pedestrian in a traffic accident. The young woman tries to withdraw into a simple anonymous life, but her fame relentlessly pursues her...

Directed by: Bruno Dumont (France/Germany/Italy/Belgium, 2019)
Cast: Léa Seydoux (France de Meurs), Benjamin Biolay (Fred de Meurs), Blanche Gardin (Lou), Juliane Köhler (Mrs Arpel), Emanuele Arioli (Charles Castro), Gaëtan Amiel (Jo), Jawad Zemmar (Baptiste), Marc Bettinelli (Lolo)
Genre: dramedy
Awards: in competition (César Awards 2022, Cannes 2021)
Parental guidance: TV-PG