Flic ou voyou

Flic ou voyou

1 hr 42 min
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Two crime bosses dominate the city of Nice with help from within the police. Stanislas Borowitz is sent from Internal Affairs to deal with the problem. He operates undercover, with scant regard for the rules. But his plans are complicated by the unexpected arrival of his 13-year-old daughter.

Directed by: Georges Lautner (France, 1978)
Dialogues: Michel Audiard
Cast: Jean-Paul Belmondo (Antonio Cerutti / Stanislas Borovitz), Marie Laforêt (Edmonde Puget-Rostand), Michel Galabru (Grimaud), Jean-François Balmer (Massart), Georges Géret (Théodore Musard), Claude Brosset (Achille Volfoni)
Genre: detective