Éperdument explores the forbidden love between married prison director Jean Firmino and his female inmate Anna Amari. Based on the true story of Florent Gonçalves and Sorour Arbabzadeh in 2010, this French romance film derives its inspiration from the events depicted in Florent Gonçalves’ autobiography “Défense d'aimer”.


All is going well in Jean Firmino’s world before he meets Anna Amari. A respectable married man, Jean has a young daughter and works as the manager in a detention center for women. All that changes, however, when new inmate Anna comes under his charge. Jean falls madly in love with the young woman.

Genre: Drama, Romance

Directed by: Pierre Godeau

Starring: Adèle Exarchopoulos (Anna Amari), Guillaume Gallienne (Jean Firmino), Stéphanie Cléau (Elise Firmino), and Aliénor Poisson (Louise Firmino)

Length: 110 minutes

Year: 2016

Country: France

Premier French Language Television

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