En guerre

1 hr 49 min
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Despite record profits and the heavy financial sacrifices asked of the employees, the management decide that the Perrin factory should close. A previous agreement flouted and promises broken, the 1,100 workers refuse this sudden decision. Led by Laurent Amédéo, their spokesman, they're ready to try anything to save their jobs.

Directed by: Stéphane Brizé (France, 2017)
Cast: Vincent Lindon (Laurent Amédéo), Mélanie Rover (Mélanie, CGT trade unionist), Jacques Borderie (Mr. Borderie, factory manager), David Rey (finance director), Olivier Lemaire (SIPI trade unionist), Martin Hauser (CEO), Jean Grosset (social worker), Isabelle Rufin (human resources director), Valérie Lamond (employees' lawyer)
Genre: drama
Awards: nominations (Cannes 2018, Lumières de la presse étrangère 2019)