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Drôle de drame

1 hr 34 min
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When invited to his cousin Irwin Moyneux's house Archibald Soper, Bishop of Bedford, rigorously denounces the novels of successful author Félix Chapel. He doesn't know that in reality behind the pseudonym hides... his host! Intrigued by the absence of Margaret, Irwin's wife, he deduces that she has been assassinated.

Directed by: Marcel Carné (France, 1937, Black and White)
Cast: Françoise Rosay (Margaret Molyneux), Michel Simon (Irwin Molyneux / Félix Chapel), Louis Jouvet (Archibald Soper), Jean-Louis Barrault (William Kramps), Jean-Pierre Aumont (Billy), Nadine Vogel (Eva), Pierre Alcover (Bray)
Genre : comedy