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1 hr 57 min
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In 1943 occupied Paris, musician Django Reinhardt is 'invited' by the Nazi invaders to play in Germany.


Occupied Paris, 1943. Django Reinhardt is at the peak of his career. A brilliant care-free guitarist, his swing is as light as air and his concerts a triumph, whilst elsewhere in Europe his gypsy brothers are persecuted. Things become more complicated when Nazi propaganda wants him to play in Germany...

Directed by: Étienne Comar (France, 2016)

Based on the work by Alexis Salatko.
Cast: Reda Kateb (Django Reinhardt), Cécile de France (Louise), Beata Palya (Naguine), Bimbam Merstein (Negros), Gabriel Mirété (La Plume), Vincent Frade (Tam Tam), Johnny Montreuil (Joseph Reinhardt), Raphaël Dever (Vola), Patrick Mille (Charlie Delaunay)
Genre: biography
Awards: Golden Swan Award for best actor (Cabourg 2017), innumerable nominations (2017 Berlinale, 2018 César Awards)