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1 hr 36 min
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During an ordinary train journey, Isabelle is surprised to see her granddaughter Anaïs, a medical student, wearing the full Islamic veil. She informs her daughter Léa, who travels from Canada to understand Anaïs's conversion. By discovering the extent of the latter's radicalisation, Léa also uncovers Isabelle's dark and terrible past...

Directed by: Jacob Berger (Switzerland, 2018)
Screenplay: Noémie Kocher, Jacob Berger
Cast: Marthe Keller (Isabelle), Julie Gayet (Léa), Lola Créton (Anaïs), Cléa Eden (Isabelle joung), Pierre Banderet (Glassey), Yann Philipona (Glassey young), Lyes Salem (Jibril), Felipe Castro (Laurent), Marcus Pachoud (Miles)
Genre: drama
Awards: Adami prize for the best female newcomer (Lola Créton) at the 2018 La Rochelle Festival de la Fiction TV