Des femmes disparaissent...

Des femmes disparaissent...

1 hr 24 min
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Marseille, 1959. Despite opposition from her fiancée, Béatrice attends a mysterious evening event organised by Ms Cassini. What she doesn't know is that the latter is a tout for a prostitution ring specialising in the white slave trade...

Directed by: Édouard Molinaro (France, 1958, black and white)
Based on the book by Gilles Morris Dumoulin.
Cast: Robert Hossein (Pierre Rossi), Magali Noël (Coraline Merlin), Estella Blain (Béatrice), Philippe Clay (Tom), Jane Marken (Ms Cassini), Robert Lombard (Merlin), François Darbon (Camille), Pierre Collet (Nasol)
Genre: detective