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Demain et tous les autres jours

1 hr 31 min
Not recommended for under 10 years.
Nine year-old Mathilde, lives alone with her fragile but loving mother. Some consider her mad but the young girl pretends to ignore their jibes! She prefers taking refuge in her own inner world, conversing with her talking owl. Perhaps to avoid thinking about the inevitable separation to come.

Directed by: Noémie Lvovsky (France, 2015)
Cast: Luce Rodriguez (Mathilde), Noémie Lvovsky (the mother), Mathieu Amalric (the father), Micha Lescot (the bird), Anaïs Demoustier (Mathilde as an adult), India Hair (the psychologist), Julie-Marie Parmentier (Ms Lesieur), Francis Leplay (Mr Lesieur), Elsa Amiel (the teacher)
Genre: drama
Awards: 2 nominations (Angoulême 2017)
Parental guidance: TV-PG