Cours après moi... que je t'attrape

1 hr 24 min
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Paul and Jacqueline, in their forties, met through the lonely hearts column in the "French Hunter" magazine. Both had known their fair share of unhappy love affairs. They're tense, on the defensive and their first date is a catastrophe! And yet, they both want to see each other again...

Directed by: Robert Pouret (France, 1976)
Cast: Annie Girardot (Jacqueline), Jean-Pierre Marielle (Paul), Marilù Tolo (Anita), Geneviève Fontanel (Simone Daru), Daniel Prévost (Champfrein), Sylvain Rougerie (Patrick), Marie-Anne Chazel, Anémone, Gérard Hernandez
Genre: comedy