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Charmants garçons

1 hr 42 min
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The charming Lulu, cabaret singer and dancer, has no shortage of admirers. But now that she's decided it's time to get married, she's set her heart on Robert, a young industrialist. Calamity! The two-timing so-and-so is already married. Disappointed she sets out in search of the ideal man.

Directed by: Henri Decoin (France, 1957)
Screenplay: Charles Spaak
Cast: Zizi Jeanmaire (Lulu), Daniel Gélin (Alain), François Périer (Robert), Henri Vidal (Jo Chavanne), Gert Froebe (Edmond Petersen), Marie Daëms (Germaine), Jacques Berthier (André Noblet), Jacques Dacqmine (Charles)
Genre: comedy