Ces messieurs de la famille

Ces messieurs de la famille

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1 hr 25 min
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Gabriel Pelletier, sales director with a large group, is asked by his boss to host an important customer. But apparently Mr Strumberger, an American, has the reputation of being a very strict Puritan... How will he react when he meets Gabriel's family, each more eccentric that the others?

Directed by: Raoul André (France, 1967)
Cast: Francis Blanche (Strumberger), Michel Serrault (Gabriel Pelletier), Jean Poiret (Bernard Le Gall), Jean Yanne (Marco Broca), Darry Cowl (Albert Pelletier), Annie Cordy (Maryse), Michel Galabru (the policeman), Anne Carrère (Simone), Anna Gaël (Nicole)
Genre: comedy