Camping 3

Camping 3

1 hr 40 min
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This year, Patrick Chirac has chosen to travel to the Camping des Flots Bleus by car-sharing! But whilst he thought he'd be crossing France with someone called Vanessa, he actually finds himself with three youngsters from Dijon who, once they've arrived, ask to share their new-found friend's tent as well...

Directed by: Fabien Onteniente (France, 2015)
Cast: Franck Dubosc (Patrick Chirac), Claude Brasseur (Jacky Pic), Mylène Demongeot (Laurette Pic), Antoine Duléry (Paulo), Gérard Jugnot (Charmillard), Michèle Laroque (Anne So), Leslie Medina (Morgane), Louka Meliava (Benji), Jules Ritmanic (José), Cyril Mendy (Robert), Philippe Lellouche (Carello), Bernard Montiel (Montiel)
Genre: comedy