Avec Thelma

14 min
Jean and Vincent are a couple and Vincent is 3-year-old Thelma´s uncle. When an erupting Icelandic volcano grounds all flights, preventing Thelma´s parents from travelling, they welcome Thelma at their place in Brussels for an extended stay. With her, they discover all the joy and torment of parenthood.

Direction, screenplay: Ann Sirot, Raphaël Balboni (Belgium, 2017)
Cast: Jean Le Peltier, Vincent Lécuyer, Thelma Balboni, Gilles Remiche
Genre: comedy
Award for Best actor at the Le court en dit long festival (France, 2017); selected at the Heartland Film Festival in Indianapolis (United States, 2017), at the Brussels Short Film Festival (Belgium, 2017) and the Montreal World Film Festival (Canada, 2017)