Avaler des couleuvres

18 min
Having just passed her diploma, Souad lands her first job in a beauty salon. Luck seems to be smiling. But on her first day at work, the young woman is asked to use a different first name...

Directed by: Jan Sitta (France, 2018)
Screenplay: Jan Sitta, Julie Galopin
Cast: Lyna Khoudri (Souad), Astrid Adverbe (Ms Imbert), Soumaye Bocoum (Sybille), Lula Cotton Frapier (Manon), Rayan Rabia (Hakim), Julie Galopin (la cliente), Aline Malherbe (Laetitia), Hélène Raimbault (Ms Pradier)
Genre: comedy drama
Awards: official selection (Rhode Island, Palm Springs 2018)