Arrête ou je continue

Arrête ou je continue

1 hr 42 min
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Pomme and Pierre, Parisian forty-somethings, have been together for a long time. Too long? They don't dare admit it but their relationship is on the rocks. One day, during one of their long forest walks, they have yet another argument. He wants to go home. She decides to remain. Alone.

Directed by: Sophie Fillières (France, 2013)
Cast: Emmanuelle Devos (Pomme), Mathieu Amalric (Pierre), Anne Brochet (Sonia), Joséphine de la Baume (Mellie), Nelson Delapalme (Romain), Julia Roy (Simone), Laurent Poitrenaux (Marouani), David Clark (John)
Genre: drama
Awards: official selection for the "Panorama" section (2014 Berlin International Film Festival)