22 min
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His father dreams of making him a freediving champion... but 16 year-old Amine feels lost, torn between the desire not to disappoint his father and the desire to be who he is: a synchronised swimming champion. Somehow he has to find the strength to make his decision.

Direction, screenplay: Noha Choukrallah (Belgium, 2018)
Cast: Yassine Agezal (Amine), Ben Hamidou (the father), Gaia Manneback (Emma), Céleste Savigny (Ann), Perinne Sampoux (Sophia), Sara de Bosschere (Kim), Abdellatif Lasri (the grandfather)
Genre: comedy drama
Awards: finalist at the Brussels Short Film Festival (Belgium, 2019), at the "Le Court en dit long" short film festival (France, 2019)