Adieu Philippine

Adieu Philippine

1 hr 46 min
Paris, 1960. Michel, a television technician, makes Juliette and Liliane fall for him by persuading them he is a major film-director. About to be called up for military service in Algeria he heads to Corsica to enjoy his last few weeks of freedom. Juliette and Liliane decide to join him...

Directed by: Jacques Rozier (France/Italy, 1962)
Screenplay by: Jacques Rozier, Michèle O'Glor
Cast: Jean-Claude Aimini (Michel Lambert), Daniel Descamps (Daniel), Stefania Sabatini (Juliette), Yveline Cery (Liliane), Vittorio Caprioli (Pachala), David Tonelli (Horatio), Christian Longuet (Christian), Michel Soyet (André), Arlette Gilbert (Michel's mother), Maurice Garrel (Michel's father)
Genre: dramedy
Awards: selected for the "International Critics Week" (Cannes 2005) 1962