100 kilos d'étoiles

100 kilos d'étoiles

1 hr 28 min
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Sixteen year-old Lois, a physics genius, discovers that her weight will prevent her realising her dream of becoming an astronaut. Upset and disgusted she stops eating and falls into to despair... Until the day she meets Amélie, Stannah and Justine, three teenagers in revolt who are determined to help her!

Directed by: Marie-Sophie Chambon (France, 2017)
Cast: Laure Duchêne (Loïs), Philippe Rebbot (Jean-Luc), Isabelle de Hertogh (Jocelyne), Pauline Serieys (Stannah), Zoé de Tarlé (Justine), Angèle Metzger (Amélie), Jonathan Lambert
Genre: comedy drama
Awards: Audience prize (Mon Premier Festival 2019), selected for Écrans Junior (Cannes 2019)