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Baby balloon

1 hr 24 min
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Curvaceous and talented, eighteen-year-old Bici, sings in a rock band with Vince, a childhood friend she has always had a secret crush on. So, when a certain Anita arrives in the life of the group and that of Vince, Bici does everything possible to eliminate her rival!

Directed by: Stefan Liberski (Belgium/France, 2013)
Cast: Ambre Grouwels (Bici), César Domboy (Vince), Philippe Rebbot (Mitch), Pauline Parigot (Anita), Isabelle de Hertogh (Félicie), Allan Hoffmann (Giant), Valentin Vermeire (Luc), Arthur Orcier (Bastien), Françoise Oriane (Mamita)
Genre: comedy drama
Awards: Most promising actress (Magritte 2015), selected for Écrans Juniors (Cannes 2014)