5 French TV series to watch if you liked Call My Agent!


Did you just finish watching season 4 of Call My Agent? Are you now looking for a new gem, the next French TV series that will take over the world? Check out our list and take a look at the hundreds of French TV shows available on TV5MONDE.


Just like Call My Agent! (10 pour cent), Speakerine is all about the backstage, not of the movie industry this time but the TV news mayhem! The French show, set in the 60’s, focuses on a female TV announcer who becomes a symbol of women’s emancipation, and a target of persecutions on and off screen. This six-part French series with Marie Gillain and Guillaume de Tonquédec is enjoyable both as a thriller and as a social drama on the women’s rights movement in France. Watch Speakerine on TV5MONDE USA.


Featured, just like Call My Agent! in the New York Times’ list of the best TV shows of 2021, Laëtitia is most probably the best French mini-series of the past 10 years. Directed by the father of the true crime genre (Jean-Xavier Lestrade, creator of The Staircase). The series follows the disappearance of an 18 year old teenager, Laëtitia, and the troubling details and secrets about her upbringing uncovered by the police.

Les simone

Yes, Call My Agent! is about what happens behind the red carpets, the glitter and the awards. But it’s also a show about characters – and especially women – who try to ‘do it all’: a successful career, starting a family, a general happiness with who they are and the life they’re trying to build for themselves. These are also the themes of the acclaimed French-Canadian show, Les Simone, a funny, sweet, realistic look at four women going through a life-crisis in their thirties. Watch Les Simone on TV5MONDE USA.

Fais pas çi, fais pas ça

Looking to dive into a comedy that won’t take you just a few evenings to finish? Then this French comedy series is the one with its nine seasons and 70 episodes. This series is about two families – one conservative and religious, the other one new bourgeois and artistic (“bobos” as the French say), started as a mockumentary à la The Office before adopting a more traditional sitcom style. It quickly became a Wednesday staple on French TV. If the pitch sounds a bit familiar, it’s because ABC’s Modern Family was largely inspired by the French TV comedy, and was even accused of plagiarism by critics in France. 


This French television series created by Kyan Khojandi took over in just the two years it was on, before its creator decided to pursue his career as a stand up comedian and writer. The particularity of the show is that each episode is only 2 minutes long! But in the 82 episodes of 2 minutes, you’ll find yourself laughing and crying, and you’ll relate to all the thirty-something characters, who go through love, lust, loss and tears. A must-see.

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