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Tour de France 2022

Spotlight on Denmark this year, will be the tenth country to host the Grand Départ, the northernmost in the history of the Tour. Experience 2,124 miles of scenic views from twisting coastlines to the majestic foothills of the Pyrénées, as riders compete to claim the title of champion.

The 109th Tour de France includes 4 countries, 21 stages, 8 French regions, 29 departments for a total distance of approximately 3,330 km. Four countries: Denmark, Belgium, Switzerland and France are on the map of this 109th Tour de France. 


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Championnat du monde de kickboxing Championnat du Monde de Kickboxing - 31/05/2022

On the Champs-de-Mars, opposite the Eiffel Tower, the Grand Palais Ephémère hosts its first official international competition, before the 2024 Olympics. For his 6th world championship, the Frenchman Cyril Benzaquen faces the Romanian Florin Lambagiu. At the same time, France's leading kickboxers will be competing in the French national championships.


An immersion in the heart of the 2018 Tour de France cycling race. Stéphane Colineau enjoyed exceptional access not only behind the scenes but also to Christian Prudhomme, Tour director. In this summer republic everyone's paths cross, top champions, former stars, farmers, local and national politicians, journalists, departmental prefects...

Directed by: Stéphane Colineau (France, 2019)