Raid dingue

Johanna Pasquali, an absent-minded dreamer, trains relentlessly to achieve her ambition of becoming the first woman to join the elite RAID police unit! Admitted to the official training centre, for obscure and political reasons, she finds herself in the group run by Eugène Froissard, the most misogynist of all policemen...


Eighteen months after his tragic death, Angélique Kidjo pays tribute to the famous Cameroonian saxophonist Manu Dibango, with singers Blick Bassy and Flavia Coelho, Malian musician Cheick Tidiane Seck, singer and bass player Manou Gallo from Ivory Coast, Congolese musician Ray Lema and Cameroonian bass player Étienne MBappé.
Esprit es-tu là ?
TV Series

Le crime lui va si bien Esprit es-tu là ?

A body has been found in an old house recently put up for sale. The man died of a heart attack caused by absolute terror. In other words, he died of fright. The building is reputed to be haunted, were evil spirits to blame? Particularly as he was a ghost-hunter...


From deep lakes to green summits, Auvergne offers an infinite variety of landscapes, a unique concentration of ancient volcanoes and an incomparable cultural heritage. Making the most of its culinary treasures, the region awakens the taste buds. It's also a land of livestock farming and refuge for innumerable animal species.


Between Dubai, Gabès, New York, Amsterdam, Paris, Toronto, Abu Dhabi, a year in the life of the Franco-Tunisian graffiti artist eL Seed. He talks about his life, from his Tunisian roots to the international recognition of his work. The chance to discover an artist in perpetual movement and multi-faceted work.
L'Histoire sur le divan
TV Entertainment

La grande librairie L'Histoire sur le divan

Invités : Boris Cyrulnik, pour « Chérif Méchéri, préfet courage sous le gouvernement de Vichy » ; Henri Gougaud, pour « La Confrérie des innocents » ; Anne Lehoërff, pour « Dictionnaire amoureux de

Les Simone

Maxim, Nikki and Laurence find that time passes far too fast. With Maxim having finally discovered the field that interests her, Laurence being at the summit of her career and Nikki taking her first steps in the USA, one question emerges: what does the future hold for them now?