Where to watch Code Lyoko Evolution

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Where to watch Code Lyoko Evolution

Code Lyoko Evolution is a French animated television series which first aired in 2013. It is a sequel to the original Code Lyoko series, which aired from 2003 to 2007. Code Lyoko Evolution continues the story and adventures of a group of students who battle virtual monsters within a computer world known as Lyoko. You can now stream Code Lyoko Evolution with English subtitles on Tivi5Monde.

What is Code Lyoko Evolution about?

The French cartoon Code Lyoko – the original one – is about teenagers who fight an evil AI known as X.A.N.A. in a virtual world of Lyoko, with the intent to protect the earth, where they are very normal students at a boarding school. So expect a lot of sci-fi and friendships! The sequel Code Lyoko Evolution picks up where the original series left off. When a new student named Laura arrives, she discovers the existence of the virtual world of Lyoko and the dangers it poses. With the help of her classmates Aelita, Ulrich, Yumi, Odd, William and Jeremy, Laura becomes the seventh member of the Lyoko Warriors. Their goal hasn’t changed: together, they must protect the real world from the villainous artificial intelligence known as X.A.N.A.

Code Lyoko
Code Lyoko Evolution is available in the USA on Tivi5 Monde USA

The biggest difference between Code Lyoko Evolution and its predecessor is that the newer version mixes 3D computer-generated animation with live-action scenes featuring a French cast and a lot of impressive CGI! In each episode, the characters are able to enter Lyoko via a scanner located in a secret laboratory beneath the school. Once inside Lyoko, they take on the appearance of their virtual avatars and battle against X.A.N.A.'s monsters to deactivate towers that serve as gateways between the virtual and real worlds. If they don’t, the monsters could potentially access the real world and cause chaos on Earth.

What happens in the first few episodes?

The first episode of Code Lyoko Evolution, “XANA 2.0” is set only one year after the last episode of the original series. The friends – who thought they could go back to their ordinary teenage life – realize that their nemesis X.A.N.A. has evolved and is even stronger than before. But this time the Lyoko Warriors can count on the help of a new recruit: William, a really good friend of Yumi.

In Episode 4, “Madame Einstein”, the highly gifted Laura joins the school and becomes interested in the strange activities of the Lyoko Warriors. After she finds their secret, the group debates if they should let her in. Aelita is very suspicious and it’s only in episode 8 “Virus” that Laura finally joins their group in their fight against X.A.N.A. Laura is really good at computer programming and her knowledge proves to be vital in the fight against the virtual monsters.

Episode 8 is also the first time some mysterious ninjas are introduced in the show. They remain an unknown and unbeatable enemy throughout the season, appearing in episode 10 “A Time to Fight”, episode 14 “Stowaway” and episode 16 “Confusion”.

Code Lyoko Evolution deals with more emotionally complex topics than the original Code Lyoko and is definitely more aimed at young teenagers between 10 and 14. Aelita especially, goes through many periods of growth as she comes across the specter of her long-lost mother in Episode 11” Rendez-vous”, and then again in Episode 18 “Resolve”.

After 100 episodes of Code Lyoko, 26 episodes of Code Lyoko Evolution were released and are now available to watch on TiVi5MONDE.


Who are the main Code Lyoko characters?

Jeremy, Aelita, Odd, Ulrich and Yumi are the main characters in Code Lyoko. They’re the ones who, episode after episode, are thwarting X.A.N.A.’s evil plan. So who are they?


Jeremy is the one who founded and is in a way the leader of the Lyoko warriors. An introvert - a bit of a nerd some would say - he’s an amazing inventor and a genius when it comes to science and computer engineering.


Aelita Schaeffer is another central Code Lyoko character. Because of her direct link with Lyoko (we won’t spoil you too much here) she’s the most important member of the team as she is usually the one who can ultimately stop X.A.N.A.’s attacks on earth.


Yumi is a favorite among Code Lyoko’s fanbase. She is the most mature and the one regularly intertwined with romances within the group (with Ulrich and William).


Ulrich is kind of the bad boy of the group with his scruffy hair and army colored clothes. He’s athletic, self-assured, good at soccer, and very popular among the girls at school. But he only has eyes for Yumi…


Odd Della Robbia is Code Lyoko’s funny, charismatic, laid-back character. Always optimistic, he’s also very self-assured and considers himself a casanova at school, although he’s often seen by his girlfriend as someone too self-loving. But he’s very loyal to his friend, and always resourceful when things seem to be desperate.

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Discover Code Lyoko Evolution in the USA on Tivi5 Monde USA

Why is Code Lyoko so popular in France?

For years Code Lyoko was a staple of after-school cartoons for kids in France. With its accessible sci-fi theme centered around an evil AI, the show renewed the typical villainous character. No witch, pirate, evil king or queen, dragon or monster this time. Code Lyoko was also a popular children’s cartoon for the courage demonstrated by its characters without making them superheroes with flashy powers, as much of the story happens in a virtual world. Meanwhile, in the real world, the characters are going through the same obstacles and difficulties as any kids ages 10-15: love interests, relationships with friends, dealing with teachers’ authority, and much more!


Code Lyoko was particularly beloved by girls, because of the show’s not so typical female cartoon characters, who were not solely defined by their love interests. A lot of adults also loved the show as it reminded them of films like Tron or The Matrix and the action-packed CGI drawings were very innovative for its time.


Where can I watch Code Lyoko Evolution in the USA?

The cartoon for kids, Code Lyoko and Code Lyoko Evolution are available in French live and on replay on TiVi5MONDE, America’s first and only French language kids network! With cartoons, educational shows, and teen TV series, all 100% commercial free, TiVi5MONDE is the best network for children and tweens ages 4 – 14. Whether they are native French speakers, learning the language, or just love to be entertained, your kids will love all the unique TiVi5MONDE programs – always en français!