The Top 10 French Fashion Trends in 2023

Top 10 French Fashion trends of 2023
Top 10 French Fashion trends of 2023

Looking to discover the French fashion trends of 2023 to update your wardrobe accordingly? Let’s dive into the fashion trends that you can expect to see this year on the catwalks in Paris and on Instagram. To learn more about the world of fashion – especially French fashion – don’t miss TV5MONDE’s many TV5 shows on la mode including Tendance XXI and Version Française.

French Fashion designer extraordinaire Christian Louboutin ©Christian Louboutin
French Fashion designer extraordinaire Christian Louboutin © Christian Louboutin

New year, new you, new outfits. So what will celebrities be wearing this year, and most importantly what will you wear to keep up with the French fashion trends. Saint Laurent, Celine, Dior, Chanel, Lanvin, Vuitton, Givenchy, Balmain… We looked at the Spring/Summer and Winter collections of the biggest French fashion houses to understand what will be the French fashion trends of 2023. Expect a mix of old and new, classic and bold!


But first, have you ever wondered who decides what’s on trend? Who, one day, woke up one morning and decided that fanny-packs, bell bottoms and bold neon hues should come back in fashion? This is a bit of a mystery although so-called trend forecasters and bloggers play a major role in predicting upcoming fashion trends. They usually analyze cultural and social factors, patterns that are trending on social media, and material that are getting a lot of buzz. French fashion trends are also more and more influenced by what celebrities are wearing at events, from red carpets to film premieres and charity events. It’s also no secret that brands send clothes to French influencers and stars known for their sense of fashion hoping they’ll wear it at their next café outing in front of paparazzi. Angèle, Marion Cotillard, Vanessa Paradis and her daughter Lily-Rose Depp, Pierre Niney, Léna Situations, and Léa Seydoux are among the trend-setters of today’s French fashion world.


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Feathered  creation on Tendance XXI French Fashion on TV5 Monde USA
Feathered creation on Tendance XXI French Fashion on TV5 Monde USA ©TV Only

So what is going to dominate the French fashion world in 2023?


Here are the top 10 French fashion trends of 2023:

1.Loungewear: We are still living in the post-covid era, even in the fashion world. So unsurprisingly, comfortable clothing for working from home will be a major fashion trend of 2023. It’s also true that the popular Netflix series "Emily in Paris" has helped popularize loungewear, with Emily herself often seen sporting chic sweatpants and hoodies. So if you think loungewear is not for Parisians, think again!


2. Gorpcore: Here is another fashion trend that's all about practicality and comfort. This fashion trend takes inspiration from outdoor gear and turns it into high fashion. Think fleece jackets, cargo pants, and hiking boots, but with a high-fashion twist.

French Fashion is on TV5 Monde USA in Tendance XXI
French Fashion is on TV5 Monde USA in Tendance XXI ©TV Only

3.Statement gloves: Here is an unexpected fashion trend of 2023 for France! Gloves are expected to be THE statement accessory of 2023. Expect bold colors, textures, intricate detailing, and prints on your gloves. This is a throwback to the 50s where French movie stars would walk down the Cannes red carpet with beautiful gem-encrusted gloves!

4.Sustainable fashion: This one has been a prominent fashion trend in France in the last few years and is here to stay. It is impossible to ignore the tragic impact of fast fashion on the environment. French designers are known for their commitment to ethical and sustainable fashion, and we can expect to see more of this in 2023. In America, sustainable fashion is also gaining momentum, with more and more brands making a commitment to eco-friendly practices. To know more about French chic and what the latest fashion and lifestyle trends are in 2023, turn on TV5MONDE and “Version Française”.

Sustainable Fashion is also on Tendance XXI
Sustainable Fashion is also on Tendance XXI ©TV Only

5. Frayed denim: This one is not for everyone. Frayed denim is the kind of fashion trend you see more on the runway than at the mall next door. So expect plenty of fashion shows in Paris with oversized and exaggerated frayed hems and frayed pockets. Time to embrace the imperfections in denim.

6. Collarless coats: Fan of minimalism, rejoice, here is a French fashion trend that will make you look twice. Elegant collarless coats are set to become one of the major fashion trends in 2023, with designers of French fashion houses like Balmain and Saint Laurent showcasing classic coats without traditional collars or lapels.

Franck Sorbier: Le Fil de L'Âme © Franck Sorbier
Franck Sorbier: Le Fil de L'Âme © Franck Sorbier

7. High-tech sneakers: This fashion trend is so 2023. As we’re all looking to add a bit more technology to our everyday life, fashion designers don’t want to feel left out. So what are high-tech sneakers you ask? Think shoes with built-in fitness trackers or with self-lacing technology. Parisians love a good run by the Seine or the Canal Saint-Martin so we suggest you do some people watching around there to spot those revolutionary shoes!

8. Slingback heels: Slingback heels were never really gone but they are sure to make a splash in 2023. They’ll perfectly compliment an elegant look for your next dress up event at L’Opéra Garnier or le Moulin Rouge.

Sur les pas de Christian Louboutin © Christian Louboutin
Sur les pas de Christian Louboutin ©Jean-Vincent Simonet/ARTE

9. Bold prints: From abstract patterns to animal prints, this trend is all about standing out. French designers have always been known for their love of prints, and this trend is sure to be à la mode this year. American fashion has also embraced bold prints, and we can expect to see some stunning pieces coming out of New York and Los Angeles. More on French and American fashion in the fabulous TV shows Tendance XXI.

10. Tie-dye: This is probably not everyone’s favorite fashion trend! Yet, tie-dye goes hand in hand with the comeback of bold colors and whimsical patterns we’ve seen in recent years in Paris, New York and Milan. So expect fashion designers to incorporate 60’s tie-dye into very fancy and timeless attires. 

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