I’m pretty sure that the international popularity of French-speaking artists has risen during the pandemic and the multiple lock downs, and now French musicians are returning to American stages 

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My dear francophiles, francovorous and francophageous friends, you have no idea how happy I am to write these words: French musicians are back on American stages.

In the next episode of Rendez-Vous D’Amérique, we have a story about one of the first shows by a French band in New York City. The electro band Trinix is playing the Mercury Lounge. And this week, Nouvelle Vague is supposed to perform at the Henry Fonda theater. They’re not huge shows, but it feels so good to talk about the return of live events. We missed them so much.

Especially for French-speaking artists. At the end of our story about Trinix, the 2 young guys from Lyon’s suburb, Venissieux, told us that they didn’t realize their music was popular on the other side of the world. That was one of the effects of the lock down, artists were so disconnect from their audience that they didn’t know how much they mattered to their fans all over the world.

And I’m pretty sure that the international popularity of French-speaking artist has risen during the pandemic and the multiple lock downs.

It’s pretty easy to understand why. We had nothing to do, we spent time on our entertainment devices, TVs, computers, radios, iPads, Alexas, smartphones, etc. At some point, after we consumed all the usual suspects for our favorite music, TV series, and movies, we opened our universe and tried new stuff. And I’m pretty sure that a lot of Americans took a walk on the French side.

This explains the success of TV shows like Lupin or Call My Agent, the nice viewing numbers for a movie like Two of Us and the reactions that Trinix got at the end of their concert.

I was quoting a French saying recently, “à quelque chose, malheur est bon”, it could be seen as the silver lining that we can find in even the worst situation.

If we opened our hearts, minds and souls to other music, other visions, other ways of seeing the world, and other cultures during the worst time our world has known in decades, then yes: “à quelque chose, malheur est bon”.

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