Carole Bouquet

Carole Bouquet - Copywright Wikimedia Studio Harcourt
Carole Bouquet - Copywright Wikimedia Studio Harcourt

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Quick facts on Carole Bouquet

  • Born on August 18, 1957 in Neuilly-sur-Seine near Paris, France. 
  • Actress, model
  • Astrological sign: Leo
  • Height 5’6 (1,72 m)
  • Speaks French and English

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Carole Bouquet and Gerard Depardieu - Copyright wikimedia Georges Biard
Carole Bouquet and Gerard Depardieu - Copyright wikimedia Georges Biard

Where is Carole Bouquet from?

Carole Bouquet was born in the affluent suburb of Paris, Neuilly-sur-Seine, home of many artists and birthplace of Roman Coppola, Claude Brasseur, Jean-Paul Belmondo and Nicolas Bedos. She now spends most of her time in Sicily, where she runs a winery, Maison Carole Bouquet.


How old is Carole Bouquet?

Carole Bouquet is 65 years old, as of 2023. She was born on August 18, 1957.


What is Carole Bouquet known for?

Carole Bouquet is best known in France for her early roles in “This Obscure Object of Desire” (1977), “Buffet Froid” (1979) and “Trop Belle pour toi” (1990) for which she won the César award for best actress. Internationally, she is known for her role as a James Bond Girl in “For Your Eyes only” (1981). Lately, she’s been more present in the media for her activism in environment friendly causes and for her investment in a renowned Sicilian winery.


Where to watch Carole Bouquet’s movies?

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Carole Bouquet in Travaux, on sait comment ça commence...
Carole Bouquet in "Travaux, on sait comment ça commence..." - Copyright: Pyramide productions


 Who is Carole Bouquet?




Born on August 18, 1957, in Neuilly-sur-Seine, Carole Bouquet began her career in modeling at the age of 16 before quickly transitioning into acting. At age 19, she joined Paris’ famous drama conversatory. Her studies were cut short, but for a good reason. During her first year at the prestigious school, in 1977, she was cast as the lead role in Spanish director Luis Buñuel’s surrealist classic "That Obscure Object of Desire". The provocative movie wasn’t a box-office hit but received many awards, and also received three nominations at the Oscars. Thanks to the film, a then very young Carole Bouquet rose instantly to international fame and earned critical acclaim.

Following the success of "That Obscure Object of Desire", she moved to New York, but, she said, not with the intent of making it in Hollywood. “I knew that I had to go back to my own country and speak my own language if I wanted to get better and if I wanted to get good parts, because it is extremely difficult to act in a foreign language or to be good in a foreign language. If you are completely bilingual from the beginning, that's something else. But otherwise you have to translate, which is a very difficult thing to do”, she explained in an interview for Backstage. While in New York, she was chaperoned by Andy Warhol, and had French actress Clio Goldsmith as a roommate. Her time in New York quickly paid off, as just four years later, in 1981, Carole Bouquet was cast as the Bond girl Melina Havelock in the James Bond film "For Your Eyes Only" with Roger Moore. A huge box-office hit around the world, it solidified her international recognition. Her performance in the film was praised for its mix of emotional depth and athleticism. Although Hollywood wanted more of Carole Bouquet, she decided to pursue her career in France – where she was seen as an icon, in the line of Brigitte Bardot. 

Throughout the 1980s, Carole Bouquet appeared in a number of successful French films considered classic nowadays, including "Buffet Froid" (1979), a dark comedy directed by Bertrand Blier, and "Dagger Eyes" (1983), a crime thriller in which she played the lead role. She also starred in “Rive droite, rive gauche” and  "Too Beautiful for You" (1989), which won her a César Award for Best Actress. She also appeared in several ambitious international productions, such as Lucie Aubrac. In the 1990s, Bouquet continued to be a leading figure in French cinema. One of her most notable roles from this period was in the 1994 box-office comedy "Dead Tired," directed by Michel Blanc, in which she plays herself.

Carole Bouquet 104227_fichier_Travaux-on-sait-2.jpg
Carole Bouquet (Chantal) in TRAVAUX, ON SAIT QUAND ÇA COMMENCE… - Copyright : Pyramide productions

In the 2000’s, she played less and less in movies and focused instead on her work on stage. She became known for playing classic roles, especially from French 17th century playwright Racine. She appeared successively in Phèdre and Bérénice, directed by Jacques Weber and Lambert Wilson. She never really pursued a career in Hollywood but still appeared in Francis Ford Coppola’s “New York Stories” (1989) and in an episode of “Sex And The City” (An American Girl in Paris, 2004).

In addition to her acting career, Bouquet has also worked as a spokesperson for Chanel, starring in their advertising campaigns and promoting the brand worldwide. Outside of her acting career, Carole Bouquet has also been involved in various charitable organizations. She is an ambassador for UNICEF and has worked with several other organizations to support causes such as cancer research, education, and poverty relief. More recently, she took part in environment friendly causes and became an ambassador for PlaNet Finance.

In addition to her charitable work, Carole Bouquet is known in France for having invested in wineries, some with her then boyfriend Gérard Depardieu. She has always been passionate about wine and has stated in numerous interviews that her investment in wineries is a way for her to connect with the land and support sustainable agriculture. She is now the owner of a winery in Pantelleria, a small volcanic island of Sicily. It is one of the largest wineries of Italy and produces Moscato di Pantelleria, made from Zibibbo grapes.


Carole Bouquet’s filmography


Le Bal des Folles (post-production


Le grand restaurant (TV Series) 

La dominatrice courtisée - affectée par la télé-réalité



Madame Cooper


En Thérapie (TV Series) 

Esther / Esther Gaget


Ils s'aiment... enfin presque!



Les Fantasmes 

Marie (sketch 'Thanatophilie')


I Love You Coiffure (TV Movie) 

Caroline Sonneville





Grand Hôtel (TV Mini Series) 

Agnès Vasseur


Chambre 212 

Irène Haffner 60 ans


Voyez comme on danse 



La Mante (TV Mini Series) 



Les hommes de l'ombre (TV Series) 

Élisabeth Marjorie


Une heure de tranquillité 

Nathalie Leproux


Rosemary's Baby (TV Mini Series) 

Margaux Castevet


Mauvaise fille 






Libre échange 



Protéger & servir 

Aude Lettelier


Je vais te manquer 



L'éloignement (TV Movie) 



Les enfants de Timpelbach 

Madame Drohne


Les Hauts Murs 

La mère de 'Fil de fer'


Si c'était lui... 



Un ami parfait 




La reine



Marie, la mère


Carole Bouquet 104226_fichier_Travaux-on-sait-3.jpg
Carole Bouquet (Chantal) et Marcial Di Fonzo Bo (l’architecte) in TRAVAUX, ON SAIT QUAND ÇA COMMENCE… - Copyright : Pyramide productions

Travaux, on sait quand ça commence... 

Chantal Letellier





Les fautes d'orthographe 

Geneviève Massu - la directrice des études


Sex and the City (TV Series) 



Feux rouges 



Bienvenue chez les Rozes 



Ruy Blas (TV Movie) 

La reine



Anne d'Autriche


Embrassez qui vous voudrez 






Madame De... (TV Movie) 

Madame de...


Bérénice (TV Movie) 



Le pique-nique de Lulu Kreutz 

Anna Ghirardi


Un pont entre deux rives 



En plein coeur 

Viviane Farnese


Le Rouge et Le Noir (TV Movie) 

Louise de Rénal


Lucie Aubrac 

Lucie Aubrac


Grosse fatigue 

Carole Bouquet


D'une femme à l'autre 

Kate Swallow



Female Guest


Donne con le gonne 



Bunker Palace Hôtel 



Trop belle pour toi 

Florence Barthélémy / La voisine de Colette


New York Stories 

Princess Soroya



Lucrezia von Planta


Le mal d'aimer 



Double messieurs 



Spécial police 

Isabelle Rodin





Rive Droite, Rive Gauche 

Babée Senanques


Le bon roi Dagobert 






Bingo Bongo 



Le jour des idiots 



Rien que pour vos yeux 



Blank Generation 



Le manteau d'astrakan 



Buffet froid 

Le jeune femme


L'oeil de la nuit (TV Series) 

Lena Andrescu


Les rebelles (TV Movie) 



Cet obscur objet du désir 



La famille Cigale (TV Mini Series) 

Béatrice Damien-Lacour