Brigitte Bardot: The love stories - From Roger Vadim to Bernard D'Ormale

Brigitte Bardot et Jacques Charrier en 1960 en italie ©
Brigitte Bardot et Jacques Charrier en 1960 en italie ©
Brigitte Bardot et Jacques Charrier en 1960 en italie ©
Brigitte Bardot's love stories...

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Brigitte Bardot et Jacques Charrier en 1960 en italie ©

Brigitte Bardot, the French actress and international sex symbol, not only captured the hearts of audiences worldwide but also the hearts of several influential men throughout her life. From Roger Vadim to Bernard d'Ormale, Bardot's spouses had a big impact over her career, as tabloïds followed her each and every move.

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Roger Vadim (1952-1957)

Meeting and Marriage: Brigitte Bardot met Roger Vadim, a French film director, screenwriter, and producer, in 1950 when she was only 15 years old and he was 22. Vadim was working as an assistant to director Marc Allégret, who had cast Bardot in a screen test. Despite the age difference, they fell in love and married on December 20, 1952, when Bardot turned 18. He later on directed Brigitte Bardot in her most famous film, And God Created Women (Et Dieu créa la femme). Read more about their story here

Career Influence: Vadim was instrumental in launching Bardot's career and molding her image as a sex symbol. He directed her in several films, the most notable being "And God Created Woman" (1956), which was a turning point for both of their careers. This film showcased Bardot's sensuality and established her as an international star. Even after their separation, they remained friends and continued to work on movies together.

Collaborative Film:

  • "And God Created Woman" (1956): This film not only cemented Bardot's status as a global icon but also marked Vadim's emergence as a daring filmmaker. The provocative nature of the film was ahead of its time and showcased Bardot's magnetic screen presence.

Jacques Charrier (1959-1962)

Meeting and Marriage: Brigitte Bardot met Jacques Charrier, a French actor, on the set of the film "Babette Goes to War" (1959). They quickly developed a romantic relationship and married on June 18, 1959. Their marriage was highly publicized, and Bardot's pregnancy added to the media frenzy.

Career Influence: Charrier's impact on Bardot's career was more personal than professional. During their marriage, Bardot took a brief hiatus from her demanding work schedule to focus on her personal life and the birth of their son, Nicolas-Jacques Charrier, in 1960. However, the pressures of fame and media scrutiny took a toll on their relationship, leading to their divorce in 1962.

Collaborative Film:

  • "Babette Goes to War" (1959): This comedic film about a young French woman involved in World War II espionage allowed Bardot to showcase her talent for comedy. Charrier and Bardot's on-screen chemistry translated into a real-life romance, culminating in their marriage.

Gunter Sachs (1966-1969)

Meeting and Marriage: Brigitte Bardot's marriage to Gunter Sachs, a German industrialist and playboy, was characterized by its whirlwind nature. They met in 1966, and Sachs famously wooed Bardot by dropping hundreds of roses over her house from a helicopter. They married on July 14, 1966, in Las Vegas.

Career Influence: While Sachs did not have direct ties to the film industry, his high-profile relationship with Bardot kept her in the public eye, against her will. Their glamorous lifestyle and frequent appearances in the media further solidified Bardot's image as an international icon. However, their marriage was short-lived, ending in divorce in 1969.

Collaborative Films: There were no direct film collaborations between Bardot and Sachs, as Sachs was not involved in the cinema industry.

Bernard d'Ormale (1992-Present)

Meeting and Marriage: Brigitte Bardot met Bernard d'Ormale, a French businessman and political adviser, in the early 1990s. They married on August 16, 1992. Unlike Bardot's previous marriages, this relationship has remained private and stable, away from the media spotlight.

Career Influence: By the time Bardot married d'Ormale, she had retired from acting and shifted her focus to animal rights activism.

Collaborative Films: There are no films that Bardot and d'Ormale worked on together, as Bardot's acting career had concluded before their marriage.

Delon, Gainsbourg

Throughout her illustrious career, Brigitte Bardot was often rumored by tabloids to be in relationships with other actors, which was almost always never true. Among these figures was Alain Delon, a fellow icon of French cinema, with whom Bardot shared a deep friendship. Their mutual respect and professional camaraderie, though never romantic, enriched both their careers, fostering an era of French film marked by their collective star power. Watch Alain Delon's interviews and stream his movies on TV5MONDEPlus

Bardot’s relationship with Serge Gainsbourg, the avant-garde musician and songwriter, had a profound impact on her singing career. Gainsbourg penned some of her most famous songs, including the sultry duet "Je t'aime... moi non plus," which became an anthem of sexual liberation and further cemented her status as a cultural icon. Read more about their collaboration and stream now on TV5MONDEPlus the movie in which they're both featured Come Dance With Me now on TV5MONDEPlus

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