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Brigitte Bardot, the French actress and model, transcended the boundaries of cinema to become an enduring sex-symbol of the 60's often compared to...[Click "Lire la suite" to read more]


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Brigitte Bardot, the French actress and model, transcended the boundaries of cinema to become an enduring sex-symbol of the 60's often compared to Marilyn Monroe. Renowned for her sultry looks, tousled blonde hair, and magnetic on-screen presence, Bardot's influence extended beyond her roles in iconic films. In a surprising turn of events, Bardot later abandoned her acting career, choosing to become an animal rights activist in the scenic town of Saint Tropez. In this article, we delve into the top 10 films that solidified Bardot's status as a cinematic legend, exploring her collaborations with directors such as Roger Vadim and Jean-Luc Godard. Want to know more about Bardot's fascinating life and career, the documentary "Le Mystère Bardot" is now available on TV5MONDEplus.

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1. Et Dieu Créa la Femme (And God Created Woman) - 1956

Directed by Brigitte Bardot's first husband, Roger Vadim, "Et Dieu Créa la Femme" catapulted Bardot to international stardom. The film, set in the picturesque French Riviera, tells the story of Juliette, a free-spirited and sensual young woman whose uninhibited nature disrupts the tranquil lives of the inhabitants. Brigitte Bardot's captivating performance and Roger Vadim's direction contributed to the film's immense success, marking the beginning of Bardot's iconic status.

2. Voulez-vous Danser avec Moi? (Come Dance with Me) - 1959

Directed by Michel Boisrond, this musical comedy showcases Bardot's versatility as an actress. The film revolves around Brigitte, a young widow who inadvertently becomes involved in a murder mystery while vacationing on the French Riviera at Saint Tropez. Bardot's charm and grace shine through, making this film a delightful addition to her repertoire. The movie marks also her first collaboration with renowned French singer-songwriter (and sometimes actor) Serge Gainsbourg, who will later on write most of her hit songs.

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3. Le Mépris (Contempt) - 1963

Jean-Luc Godard's "Le Mépris" is a masterpiece of French New Wave cinema, with Brigitte Bardot in a starring role alongside Jack Palance and French actor Michel Piccoli. The film explores the complexities of love, art, and communication, set against the backdrop of the making of a film adaptation of Homer's Odyssey. Bardot's performance as Camille, a disenchanted wife, is a testament to her ability as a serious actress and not just a romcom 60s celebrity.

4. En Effeuillant la Marguerite (Mademoiselle Striptease) - 1956

Directed by Marc Allégret, this charming comedy features Bardot as Agnès Dumont, an aspiring young actress who inadvertently becomes the star of a burlesque show. With humor and poise, Brigitte Bardot navigates the challenges of showbiz, showcasing her comedic timing and magnetic presence.

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5. Une Parisienne (La Parisienne) - 1957

In "Une Parisienne," Bardot plays the role of Brigitte Laurier, the daughter of the French President, whose marriage to a buttoned down cabinet official takes a turn for worse. She then decides to leave everything behind and move to the French Riviera to start a new life where she meets a charming prince. Directed by Michel Boisrond, this romantic comedy showcases Brigitte Bardot's effervescent energy and cutesy charm at its best.

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6. La Vérité (The Truth) - 1960

Directed by Henri-Georges Clouzot, "La Vérité" is a courtroom drama that explores themes of truth, justice, and societal expectations. Brigitte Bardot delivers a powerful performance as Dominique Marceau, a woman on trial for the murder of her lover. The film showcased once again Brigitte Bardot's ability to tackle complex and dramatic roles as well. The movie was awarded the Golden Globe for Best Foreign Film.

7. Masculin Féminin - 1966

Jean-Luc Godard's "Masculin Féminin" is a seminal work of the French New Wave, depicting the struggles and relationships of a group of young Parisians. While Brigitte Bardot's role is relatively small, her appearance in the film adds to its cultural significance, capturing the essence of the era's youth culture and social change.

8. Les Pétroleuses (The Legend of Frenchie King) - 1971

Directed by Christian-Jaque, "Les Pétroleuses" is a Western comedy that pairs Bardot with Claudia Cardinale. The film follows the misadventures of two sisters in the American West during the Gold Rush. Brigitte Bardot's comedic flair and on-screen chemistry with Cardinale make this film an very entertaining addition to her filmography.

9. Shalako - 1968

In this Western directed by Edward Dmytryk, Brigitte Bardot stars alongside Sean Connery. "Shalako" tells the story of a European hunting party's encounter with Native Americans in the American West. While not a critical success, the film showcases Bardot in an unexpected genre.

10. Les Femmes - 1969

Directed by Jean Aurel, "Les Femmes" is a comedy that explores the romantic entanglements of a young artist. Brigitte Bardot's magnetic presence is evident as she navigates the humorous and chaotic relationships depicted in the film.

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