Watch the Tour de France 2018 and be part of the ultimate action-packed cycling adventure through France. All 21 stages are accompanied by exclusive coverage in this 23-day epic race.


Route and Stages


The Tour de France 2018 starts on July 7th as the cyclists set off from Île de Noirmoutier, a small island off the Atlantic French coast. They will wind around the Vendée coastline, battling crosswinds as they continue along this flat stretch, arriving at the village of Fontenay-le-Comte. After the second stage of gently rolling roads, the cyclists will undertake their first team time trial in Cholet for Stage 3. Next, the riders will cycle along the southern coast of Brittany, facing hilly terrain in stages 5 and 6 before relaxing on flat roads and bumping over cobbles with 15 stretches of pavé leading into the first rest day.


The second section of the race (stages 10-15) will challenge the cyclists with mountain riding, preparing them to face a 40-mile race through the Pyrenees and a hilly time trial in the third section. On the last day of the event, cyclists will sprint across the flat route to the Champs-Élysées in Paris toward the finish line on July 29.


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