Football, Coupe de France 2018 covers the exciting 101st edition of the prestigious Coup de France (meaning “French Cup”), run by the French Football Federation (FFF). In the 2017-2018 season, French regional and overseas territorial soccer clubs battled it out in 14 rounds, with Paris Saint-Germain winning their 4th consecutive title, and their 12th title overall. Les Herbiers VF were the first runners up, losing to Paris Saint-Germain in the final match with a score of 2-0.


Football, Coupe de France 2018—A Proud History


In French Football, the Coupe de France in 2018 (also known as the “Coupe Charles Simon”), is named after a French sportsman who died while serving in World War I. The competition had its first season in 1917-1918 and is open to all amateur and professional soccer clubs in France, as well as clubs from France’s overseas departments and territories.


The competition structure gives some advantages to amateur teams, although only two of these have successfully reached the finals (Calais RUFC in 2000 and Les Herbiers VF in 2018).


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