English subtitles. Written and starring Patrick Sébastien as Hubert Vallon, a gay antique dealer and casino lover who married a wealthy, older woman. Hubert, in need of freedom, plans his wife's murder only to be suspected by Gaëtano Campanella, an typical, Catholic police officer. Airs: December 14 at 8:30pm ET

Subtitles: en
Episode 1 Dec, 23 2018 03:53 am
Gay antiques dealer and big-time gambler Hubert Vallon lives with mega-rich Patricia, who finds him entertaining. An arrangement which suits them both. But now, Hubert wants more freedom. He plots to murder Patricia and have a stranger accused in his place. Unfortunately for him, a determined police officer suspects him... Directed by: Jacques Malaterre (France, 2017) Screenplay: Patrick Sébastien Cast: Patrick Sébastien (Hubert Vallon), Évelyne Dandry (Patricia de Sarneville), Nicolas Van Beveren (Gaetano Campanella), Anne Sila (Coralie), Édouard Court (Franck), Fany Mary (Rosa Pereira), Maria Ducceschi (Josèpha Campanella) Genre: detective Parental guidance: TV-PG