Tune into TV5MONDE to watch Sources assassines, a French crime drama recounting the murder of a seemingly ordinary man from a mountain commune.




A man is found dead—the victim of a fatal poisoning. His ex-partner Irène, chief medic of the thermal baths and possessor of huge quantities of medical arsenic, is arrested as the prime suspect. Enter Fanny, Irène’s long-estranged daughter and junior captain of the Paris Police Brigade. Fanny begins investigating the case to prove her mother’s innocence, and as she does so, she stumbles across well-guarded family secrets, including romantic affairs, financial intrigues, and motives for revenge…


Genre: Crime

Directed by: Bruno Bontzolakis

Starring: Julie de Bona (Fanny Volkov), Marthe Keller (Irène Volkov), and Joakim Latzko (Chad Balhul)

Country: France

Length: 100 minutes


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