Hugo reluctantly moves with his parents to Mayotte. He has a hard time as he slowly adapts with the help of a local girl with whom he falls in love.

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Episode 1 May, 01 2017 01:30 am
Hugo reluctantly follows his parents following their transfer to Mayotte. On the island, the contrast is striking. With slums, heat and being white and rich when the majority is black and poor, Hugo struggles to adapt. But he slowly acclimatises, thanks to Zaïnaba, a local girl with whom he falls in love. Directed by: Christian Faure (France, 2012) Screenplay: Sandro Agenor, Mikaël Ollivier, based on the book "Tout doit disparaître" Cast: Solal Forte (Hugo), Thomas Jouannet (Guillaume), Isabelle Gélinas (Isabelle), Maïmouna Toure (Zaïnaba), Michèle Bernier (Françoise), Éric Viellard (Jean-Marc)