Season 1, 2019
Breakout series of the summer! Inspector Clarissa's police squad in New Caledonia welcomes an officer from Paris who prefers to lead his investigations according to his own rules, which does nothing to help his integration on the island. This fast-paced series follows a police squad who adjusts to each other's temperaments - professionally and personally.

Director: François Bigrat (France 2019)
Cast: Yaëlle Trulès (Clarissa Hoarau), Antoine Stip (Gaspard Watson), Nathan
Dellemme (Jackson Bellerose), Marielle Karabeu (Kelly Kwaté), Hindra Armede
(Agathe Hoarau), Clémentine Julienne (Joséphine Fleury), Julia Paul (Manon
Lambert), Alexandre Varga (Raphaël Mayer)
Genre: Crime, Mystery (Series)

Subtitles: en