A murder scene with references to past peasant revolts in the medieval town Sarlat leads to an investigation by two officers with a score to settle.

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Episode 1 Jul, 21 2018 03:28 am
A corpse is discovered near a castle moat in the medieval town of Sarlat. The murder scene includes references to the 17th century peasant revolt in the region. The investigation is entrusted to police chief Claire Dalmas and captain Éric Pavin, two officers who clearly have a score to settle. Directed by: Delphine Lemoine (France, 2017) Screenplay: Philippe Bernard, Tigran Rosine Cast: Cécile Bois (Claire Dalmas), Thierry Godard (Éric Pavin), Christopher Buchholz (Simon Walker), Sabrina Aliane (Samira Andrieu), Pierre-Arnaud Juin (Christian Charvet), Christian Sinniger (Alain Dalmas), Alain Rimoux (Michel Signol), Stéphane Brel (Vincent Signol) Genre: detective