Meurtres à Dunkerque - A French TV Murder Mystery TV Series


Meurtres à Dunkerque is the first episode in Season 4 of the mystery anthology “Meurtres à…” (“Murders in…”). This installment of the acclaimed French murder mystery TV series takes place during the festivities of the Dunkirk carnival in northern France, where a man has been found dead atop a sailing ship’s mast.


About Meurtres à Dunkerque


To investigate the mystery of the deceased man, enter Captain Janie Roussel (Charlotte de Turckheim) and Lieutenant Eric Dampierre (Lannick Gautry). Local cop Janie Roussel is a huge fan of the carnival, and revels in the opportunity to don costumes as the team seeks out clues about the man’s death. Eric Dampierre is less familiar with the wild and sometimes grotesque traditions associated with the carnival, having just arrived in the northern seaside town. The pair is put to the test as they try to solve this seemingly impossible mystery amidst the colors of the festival.


Genre: Mystery

Directed by: Marwen Abdallah

Writers: Manon Dillys (scenario), Sébastien Le Délézir (scenario)

Starring: Charlotte de Turckheim (Janie Roussel), Lannick Gautry (Éric Dampierre), Jean-Miche Fête (Mathias Laurent), Adrien Rob (Ben Roussel), Bruno Paviot (Antoine de Kerkhof), Catherine Demaiffe (Gaëlle Delalande), and Tom Hudson (Solal)

Country: France

Year: 2016

Length: 97 minutes

Subtitles: English


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