A woman winds up dead just days after being investigated for possible embezzlement. Customs officer Walter Beaumont and Captain Isabelle Hirigoyen investigate.

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Episode 1 May, 29 2018 01:30 am
The body of Juliette Laborde, part of an influential family from the Landes, is found impaled on a sculpture. Customs officer Walter Beaumont investigates. A few days earlier, he had already met the victim while investigating possible financial embezzlement by the Labordes. He teams up with gendarmerie Captain Isabelle Hirigoyen. Directed by: Jean-Marc Thérin (France, 2017) Screenplay: Denis Alamercery Cast: Xavier Deluc (Walter Beaumont), Barbara Carita (Isabelle Hirigoyen), Lilly-Fleur Pointeaux (Lucie Armilhac), Arthur Choisnet (Arthur Fargès), Catherine Hosmalin (Suzanne Beaumont), Bastien Ughetto (Antoine Duprat), Bertrand Constant (Joseph Duprat), Sophie Fougère (Annie Duprat), François Briault (Clément Laborde), Johanna Landau (Juliette Laborde) Genre: detective