A widow for 20 years, Louise looks much older than she is - which is just fine for her as she shuns male attention.

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Episode 3 Aug, 27 2019 11:00 pm
Heavyweight cases Despite his efforts, 40-year-old Grégoire is overweight by a similar number of kilos and can't slim. A heart attack adds new urgency: he must lose weight at all costs. His life depends on it. Rather than try yet another dietician, his doctor refers him to Marjorie... Directed by: Ivan Calbérac (France, 2015) Screenplay: Ivan Calbérac, Alice Vial Cast: Anne Charrier (Marjorie), Bruno Solo (Grégoire), Valérie Karsenti (Claire), François Vincentelli (Thibault), Mathilde Roch (Clémence), Évelyne El Garby Klaï (Djamila), Jean-Toussaint Bernard (Franck), Jeanne Bournaud (Valérie) Genre: comedy