Rebecca is a brilliant lawyer who gets a suspected murderer acquitted of his charges. To thank her, her client invites her out to dinner and sends her a package with a thank you note, but the gift is not what anyone would expect...

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Episode 1 Dec, 05 2017 03:01 am
Rebecca, a brilliant lawyer, gets suspected murderer Kevin Gossens acquitted. To thank her, Kevin invites her out to dinner. During the meal Rebecca is increasingly troubled by her client's strange way of talking. The next day she receives a parcel containing an amputated finger and a note of thanks Directed by: Joël Santini (France, 2013) Screenplay: Philippe Setbon, Serge Lascar Cast: Anny Duperey (Rebecca), Julien Crampon (Kevin), Émilie de Preissac (Malice Van Cobbaert), Jean-Paul Bordes (Jean-Claude Duty), Thomas Coumans (Niels Cleven) Genre: thriller Parental guidance: TV-PG