2018, English subtitles. A mother is diagnosed with breast cancer, and she must tell her temperamental teenage daughter, Tania. 



Subtitles: en
Episode 1 Oct, 23 2019 02:42 am
Cathy has been diagnosed with breast cancer. But how to tell her carefree, moody teenager daughter Tania, when they're constantly fighting about something or other? But suffering reveals character and in the battle against the illness, Tania turns out to be an unfailing support, determined that the crab won't win... Directed by: Yann Samuell (France, 2018) Screenplay, adaptation, dialogues: Élise Benroubi, Victoria Musiedlak Cast: Émilie Dequenne (Cathy), Lorette Nyssen (Tania), Jérôme Robart (Franck), Miveck Packa (Marlène), Melchïor Lebeaut (Zlatan), Jean-Michel Fête (Éric), Carole Franck (Corinne), Anne Benoît (Nadège), Clara Ponsot (Jenny) Genre: comedy drama