France has lived her entire life believing that her mother was deceased and when her mother Gloria shows up from out of nowhere to turn everything upside down.

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Episode 1 May, 28 2018 03:08 am
France's peaceful little life is disturbed by the arrival of Gloria, her mother who she believed was dead. Eccentric and madly free compared to the reserved, conventional France, Gloria demolishes the convictions of her daughter who is fascinated and terrified by this mother who came from nowhere... Directed by: Stéphane Clavier (France, 2015) Screenplay: Benjamin Dupas, Fanny Herrero, Jean-Luc Goossens, Charlotte Sanson Cast: Julie Ferrier (France), Catherine Jacob (Gloria), Didier Flamand (Guy), Gil Alma (Olivier), David Baïot (JP), Clémence Lassalas (Mia), Arthur Orcier (Antoine) Genre: comedy
Jun, 02 2018 03:58 am