Catherine is found next to her husband's body with a weapon and her daughter Marie investigates to prove Catherine's innocence.

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Episode 1 Apr, 28 2017 08:30 pm
Catherine, an Alzheimer's sufferer, is found next to her husband's body, holding a weapon. The police are sure she's the killer but her daughter Marie is convinced of her innocence. Determined to discover the truth, she embarks on a perilous investigation. Directed by: Nicolas Picard-Dreyfuss (France, 2015) Screenplay: Kristel Mudry, Sébastien Vitoux, based on the novel by Mary Higgins Clark Cast: Sarah Adler (Marie Launey), Anne Alvaro (Catherine Launey), Didier Sandre (Daniel Launey), Julie-Anne Roth (Juliette Jourdan), Michaël Cohen (Stéphane Jourdan), Jean-François Garreaud (André Jaeger), Jean-Jérôme Esposito (Santini) Genre: detective
May, 01 2017 03:01 am