Society burgeois Mr. Perrichon is about to retire and to mark the occassion, he takes his family on vacation in Mont Blanc.  

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Episode 1 Jul, 20 2018 08:30 pm
1860. Mr. Perrichon, a society bourgeois, vain, smug and opportunist, is about to retire from business. To mark the occasion, he takes his wife and daughter Henriette on holiday to Mont Blanc. Two suitors, Daniel and Armand, follow them to the refuge and join the Perrichon family's very eventful trip... Directed by: Éric Lavaine (France, 2014) Screenplay: Éric Lavaine, Hector Cabello Reyes. Based on a play by Eugène Labiche Cast: Didier Bourdon (Mr. Perrichon), Nathalie Cerda (Mrs. Perrichon), Noémie Merlant (Henriette), Gilian Petrovski (Daniel), Pierre Moure (Armand), Lionnel Astier (Commandant), Jean-Michel Lahmi (Jean) Genre: comedy
Aug, 17 2018 03:10 am