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Watch French murder mystery Le sang des îles d'or on TV5MONDE to find out if police officer Sandra Pantakidis will come out of retirement to track down her goddaughter’s killer.


Le sang des îles d'or Film Synopsis


When Sandra Pantakidis fails to solve the murder of her goddaughter, she leaves the police force and retires to the island of Porquerolles, where she devotes herself to deep sea diving. A second murder takes place three years later — appearing to be linked to the first — when a lady by the name of Julia Montero is snatched and killed in a similar manner.


The killer sends a bullet taken from Sandra’s gun (stolen three years ago) as a provocation, but Sandra refuses to get involved in the case until she discovers that her former unit is now being run by her estranged daughter. Deciding to face the problems of the past, Sandra agrees to help her colleagues solve the crime and stop the killer from escaping a second time.


Genre: Crime, drama

Directed by: Claude-Michel Rome

Written by: Claude-Michel Rome (scenario), Jean-Marie Schneider (novel)

Starring: Alexandra Vandernoot (Sandra Pantakidis), Isabelle Vitari (Ariane Pantakidis), and Antoine Duléry (Arthur Balestri)

Year of release: 2017

Length: 95 minutes

Subtitles: English


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