Vanina can't take it anymore, everything in her life is going wrong! She's going to lose her job, her son and daughter are acting up, and her husband has left her. Luckily, her double appears, ready to take matters into her own hands!

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Episode 1 Aug, 25 2017 08:30 pm
Everything is going wrong! About to lose her job, overwhelmed by a son in religious crisis and a rebellious daughter, and dumped by her husband, Vanina can't take any more. At that moment, her double Nina appears, intent on taking matters into her own hands and ready for a fight... Directed by: Sylvain Monod (France, 2013) Screenplay: Claude d'Anna, Jean-Marc Auclair Cast: Cristiana Reali (Vanina/Nina), Robert Plagnol (Greg), Rufus (Le Dantec), Éric Naggar (Cordoue), Véronique Baylaucq (Béryl), Angèle Garnier (Jody), Jean-Baptiste Fonck (Romain) Genre: comedy