Céline works on rebuilding her life after 8 years in prison. Life surprises her in a negative fashion and to hide her past and cope with the restrictions of semi-freedom, she creates an alternate personality: Héloïse.

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Episode 1 May, 25 2018 08:30 pm
Released on parole after eight years in prison, Céline must rebuild her life. Working as a receptionist in a hotel, she discovers the violent side of working life and, to hide her past, invents a fictional persona, Héloïse. She hooks up with Idir, with whom she car-pools to work every morning. A relationship that helps her cope with the restrictions of semi-freedom and enjoy life again... Directed by: Laurent Perreau (France, 2016) Screenplay: Laurent Perreau, Marcia Romano, Gaëlle Macé Cast: Laura Smet (Céline/Héloïse), Samir Guesmi (Idir), Laurent Poitrenaux (Vitrac), Marie Bunel (Agnès), Naidra Ayadi (Nadia), India Hair (Élodie), Micha Lescot (Bruno), Pablo Cobo (Clément), Guillaume Marquet (Ruiz) Genre: drama Awards: Best Fiction and Isabelle Nataf Critics' Award, Luchon 2017 audiovisual arts festival Parental guidance: TV-PG
Jun, 15 2018 03:03 am