After a decorated career in the French Navy, Régis Morel (Victor Lanoux) leisurely sails the Mediterranean. But the death of his half-brother, Georges, forces him to confront his past traumas and the family that rejected him in his youth. 

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Episode 1 Nov, 10 2017 02:34 am
Now retired, Régis spends most of his time on his sailing boat. His peaceful life is disrupted when he learns about his half-brother's death; Régis is now the family's sole heir. But his father has never recognised his son. It seems the time has come to think about taking action... Directed by: Michel Favart (France, 2014) Screenplay: Michel Favart, Pascal Lainé Cast: Victor Lanoux (Régis Morel), Catherine Aymerie (Cécile Fauconnier), Nicolas Silberg (Yves Camaran), Vanessa Larré (Hélène Pascaud), Gauthier Battoue (Ludovic Fauconnier) Genre: comedy drama