Antoine, Adele, and Alice pay a surprise visit to their father on his birthday. But when he suffers from a heart attack and turns the surprise party into a funeral, how will the siblings break the news to their estranged brother, Arnaud? 

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Episode 1 Oct, 23 2017 01:30 am
Antoine, Adèle and Alice surprise their father by visiting for his birthday. But nothing goes to plan. Their father has a heart-attack and the surprise turns into a funeral. How will the three siblings tell their brother Arnaud, who wasn't invited because he always ruins the party? Directed by: Anne Giafferi (France, 2013) Screenplay: Anne Giafferi Cast: Pascale Arbillot (Adèle), Thierry Frémont (Arnaud), Julien Boisselier (Antoine), Blanche Gardin (Alice) Genre: drama
Nov, 13 2017 03:06 am