Sandra is released from prison and is looking to meet her father Paul for the first time.

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Episode 1 Apr, 24 2017 01:30 am
When she leaves prison, Sandra returns to her home town near Chamonix. She wants to meet her father, Paul, whom she has never met. The two diametrically opposed characters of the father and daughter make it difficult for the pair to live together. Moreover, rumours soon catch up with them... Directed by: Pierre-Antoine Hiroz (France, 2013) Screenplay: Mikaël Ollivier Cast: Bruno Wolkowitch (Paul), Pénélope-Rose Lévèque (Sandra), Pierre Derenne (Bruno), Danièle Evenou (Mireille), Clémence Thioly (Raphaëlle), Micky Sébastian (Agnès), Margot Bancilhon (Marie) Genre: comedy drama
May, 05 2017 03:03 am